Regenerative ag resources

This page includes resources about regenerative agriculture sorted alphabetically by the author’s first name.

Betsy TaylorBetsy Taylor –  Sequestering carbon in soil addressing the climate change threat.

Betsy Taylor administers this Google Group and sends out regular updates to any one subscribed. It is a superb resource and a great way to connect with the global regenerative agriculture network. You can subscribe here.

Christine JonesChristine Jones (2018). Light Farming: Restoring carbon, organic nitrogen and biodiversity to agricultural soils. From the Amazing Carbon website.

This is a distillation of a life-time of work by Dr Christine Jones. She outlines the liquid carbon pathway that enables pasture plants to sequester carbon.

Clare Le CanneClaire La Canne and Jonathan Lundgren (2018).  Regenerative agriculture: merging farming and natural resource conservation profitably, in PeerJ 6:e4428

This peer reviewed article identifies how corn grown using regenerative practices had superior performance to properties using traditional production systems. A key finding was that profitability correlated with soil organic matter.

IPESFoodIPES-Food (2016) From Uniformity to Diversity: A paradigm shift from industrial agriculture to diversified agroecological systems. From the IPES-Food website

A global perspective from a panel of international experts outlining the pathway to sustainable food systems.

Spreading compostMoises Velasquez-Manoff  (April 18, 2018) Can Dirt Save the Earth? Published in The New York Times Magazine 

Sheldon Frith Evidence for Regenerative Agriculture. no-till-singing-frog-farm-profit

This page has lots of links to resources in support of holistic management, regenerative agriculture and permaculture.


Soil Civil EatsTwilight Greenaway (12.06.2018) Carbon Farming Works. Can it Scale up in Time to Make a Difference? Published on the Civil Eats website.

Describes the carbon planning happening on U.S. farms and introduces a new market brand “climate beneficial”.