Regenerative farmers

This page links to case studies of regenerative farmers from Tai Tokerau.

Alistair Crawford

The Crawford farm, at Omana, lies to the south of the Tangihua ranges in the centre of the Northland Peninsula. Alistair and his brother Culloden run the farm purchased by their parents in 1981. Their mother still has an active role on the farm. About 30% of the pasture grows on fertile alluvial flats with the remainder rolling hill country. Of the 296 hectares, there are approximately 250 hectares effective grazing. Alistair has some wagyu cattle and grows corn in the summer, but the main production is from the 300 Ayrshire dairy cows. The Crawfords split calve and milk year-round. Three years ago they moved to once a day milking with a drop in production, but a gain in lifestyle. Click here for the case study .

Matt Long

Long Farm is on Kaiatea Road just a few kilometres from the east coast and Matapouri. Half of the farm has been in the family since the 1960s with the other half purchased in 2003. The bulk of the 240 hectares of the farm is on rolling hill country. There are 210 hectares effective grazing, with the remainder in bush. Matt and Rachel live on the farm with their two children and Matt’s mum and dad are stone’s throw away in a neighbouring house. Click here for the case study and click here for Matt’s paper Soil Carbon Farming.

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Janette Perrett

The Perrett farm lies in a beautiful valley at Marua, east of Hikurangi. The 85 hectares of dairy paddocks (65 hectares effective) are on flats and rolling hill country, with 60 hectares for young stock on steeper hill country. The Perretts are a rare breed – sharemilking organic farmers. They invest a lot of time and energy caring for land without the benefit of assured long-term tenure. Thankfully they have a ten-year contract on this farm. The benefits of their regenerative approach are already evident after four seasons. Click here for the case study.

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Oromahoe Farm

Oromahoe Farm is administered by the Oromahoe Trust and is located in the Bay of Islands straddling State Highway 10 between Pakaraka and Puketona. The farm is owned by shareholders affiliated to Ngāti Kawa, Ngāti Rāhiri, Te Matarahurahu, Ngare Hauata, Whanau Whero, Whanaurara (Whanau Aro)and Ngāti Kaihoro hapū. The history of the farm is complex, impacted by colonisation, urban drift and legal complexities. Click here for the case study.


Linda and Boyd Matson

Linda and Boyd Matson’s home block rests on the gentle slopes of Whatitiri, an extinct volcano west of Whangarei. There is a new kiwifruit block there to compliment another 14 canopy hectares nearby on the mountain. While the new kiwifruit enterprise demands a lot of attention, Linda prefers working with animals. The Matson’s have a 240-hectare, (120-130 ha effective) beef block carrying 300-350 head of mainly angus and beef cross cattle. The beef property also has some pine stands and has a fair amount of native bush with several wetland areas. Click here for the case study.

Lindas stock