Regeneration panel

1.00 to 3.00 pm, 27 February, Interactive Learning Centre, NorthTec

We are beginning to understand the how regeneration can transform agriculture. The panel will explore what regeneration looks like in a range of socio-economic sectors.

Panel members were:

  • Malcolm Rands (Ecostore)
  • Hirini Tane (Pa to Plate, Oromahoe Trust)
  • Linda Matson (Agriculture)
  • Bernadette Aperahama (Whangarei District Council)
  • Graeme Ramsey (NorthTec)

Part one

Part two

Part three


Regeneration continuum

…we are co-creative participants in a 14-billion-year process
the universe becoming conscious of itself. We are a keystone species capable of creating conditions conducive to all life. We can design for human, ecosystems and planetary health, and nurture resilience, adaptability, transformability and vitality. 

(image and quote from Designing Regenerative Cultures (2016) Daniel Wahl.