Nose for Clothes

laundry-963150__340My mother was way ahead of her time. She found domestic chores a bore and preferred her career.   So, when I branched out on my own, I was ignorant of the rhythm and pleasures of domestic life.

All these years later, I’m still learning. Like others, I’m moving toward natural cleaners. I’ve gone nearly soap-free in the laundry, using baking soda and washing soda crystals in the wash and white vinegar in the rinse. The clothes come out smelling like pickles.  No, the clothes don’t smell of vinegar at all. This combination seems to clean as well or better than the big-guns commercial laundry powders.

There is only one problem. Fragrance. Turns out scent is a huge part of the global washing powder market worth billions. That’s why the laundry aisle at the supermarket practically reeks.

But I remember dancing with a sexy guy in my teens. He had the wonderful aroma of detergent in his shirt. I still crave that fragrance. It’s my reward for doing the laundry. Without it, it feels like nothing has happened. Am I well programmed by Madison Avenue?

I’ve tried adding a few drops of essential oil but it doesn’t carry over to the clothes. Imagine how powerful the scents must be in the commercial detergents. Several websites suggest putting your essential oils on wool dryer balls. As power is so expensive I only use my dryer as a last resort.pexels-photo-271711

Until I find a better solution I’m using some commercial detergent in each wash just for fragrance. Maybe I could try scenting my clothes after washing? Or, revise my olfactory expectations?

If you feel like airing your dirty linen in public, I’d enjoy hearing your experiences in the comments below.

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