School Strike for Climate (SS4C)

School Strike for Climate is back! I will never forget, back in 2019 watching a horde of young people marching down Bank Street in Whangārei heading for the town Basin. I was thrilled that youth here were using their voice to demand effective climate action. Then the pandemic came along killing that momentum. This year, … Continue reading School Strike for Climate (SS4C)

Trees are not just carbon receptacles

New Zealand's climate policy remains fickle and ineffective. This month the Climate Change Commission released its report 2023 Draft advice to inform the strategic direction of the Government’s second emissions reduction plan. We are drifting in the right direction but examining our progress over the last decade reveals climate policy still grounded in reductionist thinking. … Continue reading Trees are not just carbon receptacles

Water harvesting on Northland hills

In a normal summer Carlos's  property would be much greener than the browning hills neighbouring him. While this has been nothing like a normal summer, Carlos’s property has luxuriant growth that his neighbours just can't match. He purchased the property in 2013. It is on a windswept ridge exposed to biting south-westerlies. The property has … Continue reading Water harvesting on Northland hills

changing how we plan land use in the face of climate chaos

In Aotearoa (New Zealand) we have had two destructive storms less than three weeks apart. Auckland our largest city experienced 249 mm of rain in one day and then Cyclone Gabrielle struck with widespread flooding damaging infrastructure and crops across the northern North Island. Cyclone Gabrielle's impact in the Northern Wairoa. Image credit Kaipara District … Continue reading changing how we plan land use in the face of climate chaos

What do we call this new climate paradigm?

The current climate narrative centres the cause and cure of climate change on greenhouse gasses. The main strategy is emissions reductions, with sequestration as a support act. Yes, we do have to eliminate the use of fossil fuels as quickly as possible. But this strategy is failing and will continue to fail. Let's call it … Continue reading What do we call this new climate paradigm?