Climate Action Video Contest

Climate Action Tai Tokerau has received funding to run a Climate Action Video Contest. We are looking for someone to lead this project out as a 20-hour-a-week contact. Here are more details about the Climate Action Project Role.  Our motivation for doing this is to give young people opportunities to see that there are people … Continue reading Climate Action Video Contest

Climate policy is off target

Last week the New Zealand Government announced its response to He Eke Waka Noa, the Primary Sector Climate Action Partnership. The government has proposed introducing a split-gas farm-level emissions pricing by 2025. The key points are: If the industry doesn't deliver an effective farm-level solution a processor-level levy will be imposed. There is a very … Continue reading Climate policy is off target

Global Earth Repair Summit

This event October 21 to 24 is one of several inspirational global events in October. A feature of this summit is its delivery in three time zones and the inclusion of in-person hubs. The Summit includes three days (October 21,22 and 24) of 24 hours of round-the-world programming. Three different time regions of the world … Continue reading Global Earth Repair Summit

Global events Calendar

There is a growing number of global events focussing on healing the climate coming up in October. Here is a selection with links provided. Permaculture Water Summit October 13 to 15 2022 (live and online) This is a free three-day event presented by the University of Oregon and led by Andrew Millison. Andrew Millison has … Continue reading Global events Calendar


Superphosphate, manufactured by treating phosphate rock with sulphuric acid, has been a mainstay of New Zealand farming. Phosphate is also available as partially acidulated phosphate and as untreated phosphate rock. This brief exploration of the phosphate fertiliser raises questions about its continued use and contrasts Māori and Pākehā perspectives. The story of the terra preta … Continue reading A PHOSPHATE STORY