Superphosphate, manufactured by treating phosphate rock with sulphuric acid, has been a mainstay of New Zealand farming. Phosphate is also available as partially acidulated phosphate and as untreated phosphate rock. This brief exploration of the phosphate fertiliser raises questions about its continued use and contrasts Māori and Pākehā perspectives. The story of the terra preta … Continue reading A PHOSPHATE STORY

Renewable Energy Zones

Transpower, along with Top Energy and Northpower are proposing Northland as the pilot region for renewable energy zones (REZ) in Aotearoa. To enable a REZ, the transmission lines need to be upgraded. This map shows the distribution networks for our lines companies. Note the high capacity 220 kv line between Bream Bay and Auckland. It … Continue reading Renewable Energy Zones

Collective impact for regenerative land, ocean, and food

"Risk is interconnected but our response is not."The Community Impact Fund "Risk is interconnected but our response is not". Herein lies the problem. Our response to climate change in Te Tai Tokerau specifically, and Aotearoa and the rest of the planet more broadly is, at best fractured. Observing institutions here, I see how their climate … Continue reading Collective impact for regenerative land, ocean, and food

Climate, war, and oil

Alongside genocide charges, Putin should be facing ecocide charges. His war has ignited an explosion of consequences with shockwaves that will last decades. For example, right now there is a humanitarian crisis in Somalia with children dying of hunger. Note that only 2.3% of the U.N.'s relief funds target have been donated so far. Impacts … Continue reading Climate, war, and oil

water – the key to healing the climate

This video from Zachary Weiss of Water Stories includes excellent animations to illustrate the climate dynamics that we (humans) have damaged. Understanding this is fundamentally important to choose, design, and implement the best action to heal the climate and reverse global warming. We also must also reduce, and as quickly as possible eliminate our dependence … Continue reading water – the key to healing the climate