Climate, war, and oil

Alongside genocide charges, Putin should be facing ecocide charges. His war has ignited an explosion of consequences with shockwaves that will last decades. For example, right now there is a humanitarian crisis in Somalia with children dying of hunger. Note that only 2.3% of the U.N.'s relief funds target have been donated so far. Impacts … Continue reading Climate, war, and oil

Are we the dumbest people ever?

And this year's Darwin Award goes to .... the human race. The Darwin Awards are for people who have improved the gene pool by removing themselves from it, often in spectacular ways. But as I write this, to my surprise, I discover the Darwin Awards website is considering  "honoring the human race with a pre-posthumous … Continue reading Are we the dumbest people ever?

Feeling underwhelmed by the “revolutionary” Wellbeing Budget? Here’s why.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash (This article was first published 16 June 2019 at month, members of the Labour Party’s Māori Caucus held a public consultation meeting on the Government’s celebrated Wellbeing Budget (hosted by Te Puawaitanga marae, Otangarei). I arrived with much anticipation, hoping to hear from our elected representatives about the smorgasbord of progressive … Continue reading Feeling underwhelmed by the “revolutionary” Wellbeing Budget? Here’s why.