Regenerative horticulture

I was excited to learned that pasture could sequester as much carbon as forest, and I have been on farms where it is happening. My first career was in horticulture, but the prospect of building soil carbon in pasture seemed simpler, as growing food, especially vegetables, often involves carbon destroying practices, such as rotary hoeing. … Continue reading Regenerative horticulture

Open letter to government about soil carbon

Can New Zealand soils store more carbon? The farmers I talk with believe they can, and they have seen their topsoil grow and evidence that more carbon is stored deeper in the soil. But the government's policy position doubts this and consequently they are putting all of their eggs in the forestry basket. The message … Continue reading Open letter to government about soil carbon

More pines = more methane?

Last Sunday on Radio NZ, kiwi climate science Jim Salinger spoke of his current research in North America. A colleague gathering air over pine forests found that the pines "burb" isoprenes that inhibit the removal of methane from the atmosphere. The Science Direct website explains the impact of isoprenes in the atmosphere stating it "reacts with … Continue reading More pines = more methane?

Kiwi cows – climate change champions!

Professor Myles Allen of Oxford University, and a lead author of the October 2018 IPCC report, spoke to a capacity crowd in the Whangarei library tonight. Professor Myles Allen His core message for New Zealand was about methane. He debunked prevailing assessments that linked methane CO2 equivalents (e), claiming that it has a significantly different … Continue reading Kiwi cows – climate change champions!

First Australian carbon credits paid to farmers!

It is humbling when the Aussies beat us. March 14 saw the first official Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) issued to farmers. These credits will contribute to Australia's Paris agreement commitments. We are so far behind! The project type is listed as 'pasture rejuvenation' using a pasture cropping technique the farmer refers to as a … Continue reading First Australian carbon credits paid to farmers!

Regeneration panel

Wednesday 27 February, NorthTec, Whangarei New Zealand, sponsored by NorthTec and Climate Change Tai Tokerau Northland Trust. A panel of Hirini Tane, Linda Matson, Graeme Ramsey and Bernadette Aperahama responded to questions about regeneration. Here is video of the event.

Carbon farming the next competitive advantage

Ian Proudfoot, an agribusiness expert for KPMG predicts that carbon zero, or carbon positive farming is going to an important competitive attribute for our farmers to champion. He referred to the developments signalled at the Polish Climate Change Conference (see an earlier post 8 steps to increase soil carbon). "The next attribute that is ultimately … Continue reading Carbon farming the next competitive advantage