EArth for All – New Book from the Club of Rome

Where were you in '72? I was busting to get out of high school. Some of you were probably not born. Fifity years ago the Club of Rome published Limits to Growth warning us about population increase and the impact of humans on earth systems. Fifty years later they have published Earth for All: A … Continue reading EArth for All – New Book from the Club of Rome

Global Earth Repair Summit

This event October 21 to 24 is one of several inspirational global events in October. A feature of this summit is its delivery in three time zones and the inclusion of in-person hubs. The Summit includes three days (October 21,22 and 24) of 24 hours of round-the-world programming. Three different time regions of the world … Continue reading Global Earth Repair Summit

How plants cool and heal the climate

My book How plants cool and heal the climate: Finding solutions close to home is now published and available on Amazon as a paperback or hardback. I will have copies from the printer by the end of July. Here's the cover. While we have to stop using fossil fuels as soon as possible, solutions to … Continue reading How plants cool and heal the climate


Superphosphate, manufactured by treating phosphate rock with sulphuric acid, has been a mainstay of New Zealand farming. Phosphate is also available as partially acidulated phosphate and as untreated phosphate rock. This brief exploration of the phosphate fertiliser raises questions about its continued use and contrasts Māori and Pākehā perspectives. The story of the terra preta … Continue reading A PHOSPHATE STORY

When Crossing boundaries is a good thing

About PlantLab 22 Te Tai tokerau It's almost a cliche now to say that we cannot solve problems with the same mindset that created them. But what does that mean in practice? For several hundred years, most societies have lived in a rigidly structured reality. One that marginalises alternative knowledge systems, segregates professional knowledge and … Continue reading When Crossing boundaries is a good thing