CCTNT at the Pompallier Assembly

Inspired by young people rising up around the world to protest inaction about the climate crisis, three trustees of the Climate Change Tai Tokerau Northland Trust spoke at the Pompallier College Assembly. Carol Peters QSM, Catherine Murupaenga-Ikenn and Peter Bruce-Iri briefly spoke about the crisis. Here is a link to Denise Piper's coverage of the … Continue reading CCTNT at the Pompallier Assembly

Catherine Murupaenga-Ikenn representing the Pacific

Congratulations to Catherine Murupaenga-Ikenn on her appointment as a representative for the International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change (IIPFCC). Catherine is a trustee of the Climate Change Tai Tokerau Northland Trust (CCTNT). The IIPFCC was established in 2008, as a convening space for the Indigenous Peoples attending the sessions of the Conference of Parties and … Continue reading Catherine Murupaenga-Ikenn representing the Pacific