EV action

By Joe Camuso

Yoogo Electric Car Sharing for Whangarei

We are in discussions with Yoogo to bring EV Car Sharing to Whangarei. Last Christmas Yoogo established 100 EVs and 100 Chargers in Christchurch at 12 different Pod locations. Anyone with a full drivers license can use these cars for $12 per hour business or $15 dollars per hour personal use (no membership or monthly fee). Just by using an app on your phone or FOB card. $12 per hour covers, rental, insurance, tyres, WOF, FUEL, everything. Often it costs more than $12 per hour to operate a gasoline powered car. This allows business, families and visitors to reduce their carbon footprint with zero capital cost. CHCH City Council has retired 50 pool cars and now use Yoogo Car Sharing. Two car families can be one car families with an occasion Yoogo EV car share. Maybe you can ride the bus and use Yoogo for that ½ hour ( $6 ) you need your car for errands? We will be targeting Business, the NRC, WDC, KDC, FNDC, government departments, yachties and everyone else to get letters of commitment to give Yoogo the confidence to establish EV Car Sharing in Whangarei. Make EV Car-Sharing work for you and your business. Leave a comment if you are interested or contact Joe Camuso.

International Drive Electric Week

Whangarei was part of International Drive Electric Week 9 to 17 September), with over 320 cities worldwide promoting Electric Transport. Whangarei was the kick-off city because of the time-zone.

“Whangarei New Zealand’s Most EV Friendly City” lived up to its name during the International Drive Electric Week 2018. We enjoyed fantastic Spring Weather and the Whangarei Farmers Market Proved to be a favorite with over 265 people directly engaged, over 35 test drives and lots of in-depth questions.

EVs at the growers market

Over the last few years, we have seen the level of questions go from curious to serious. Petrol prices are $2.35 per litre and going up, with 8 billion dollars going offshore to buy oil. We also had the new Hyundai Kona, 2018 LEAF, Renault Zoe, E-Golf, Tesla Model S and a guest appearance from EVIA the restored 1956 Ford Fairlane on display.

EVs and Joe at the bridge.PNG

EVs on display at Te Matau a Pohe – Joe is by the Zoe and the Hyundai Kona is on the right.

Fortnightly Morning Tea- with Electric Cars and EV-angelist at a Café near you!!

As new event this year for International Drive Electric Week we decide to have Morning Tea and showcase EVs. How it works? We find a willing Café that will promote EVs to their customers. We pick a Saturday and EV owners then share our experiences, answer questions, demonstrate charging option, and give test drives over morning tea. This was very well received during International Drive Electric Week. The Office in Maungatapere is scheduled to be the next EV Morning Tea – 10:00 to 12:00 October 15 (TBC).

EVs at cafe

EVs at Totara Cafe during Drive Electric Week.

One thought on “EV action

  1. Re Yoogo: it would be wonderful to be free of owning a car. Some would have difficulty walking to the site to pick up a car, even getting up the driveway in hilly Whangarei.


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