Carbon farming the next competitive advantage

Ian Proudfoot, an agribusiness expert for KPMG predicts that carbon zero, or carbon positive farming is going to an important competitive attribute for our farmers to champion. He referred to the developments signalled at the Polish Climate Change Conference (see an earlier post 8 steps to increase soil carbon).

“The next attribute that is ultimately going to be incredibly valuable is carbon zero, or food that actually … helps to restore the environment and doesn’t create a carbon footprint or actually reduces the carbon footprint globally. I think we need to be seriously positioning ourselves to take a lead in that space. We have got an agricultural system that lends itself to being able to do that with a much shorter time window than many other countries around the world, and I think that there is going to be a significant premium in that type of food for a reasonable period of time”.

Ian Proudfoot, Agribusiness Expert, KPMG on Country Life, Radio NZ 22.12.2018

Many see grass fed agricultural products as a desirable attribute, but Ian warns that favoured attributes are transitory and believes in another five years grass-fed will become the expectation in the markets we want to trade in.

Listen to Ian’s interview in this Radio NZ podcast.

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