Carbon neutral Kerikeri

Here is recent communication from Inge Bremmer.

Spurred on by the Climate Change Conference in Whangarei in June last year, four of us, who were participants, got together and formed the charitable Carbon Neutral NZ Trust, produced a website, Facebook site, and carbon calculator, which is NZ specific and includes sequestration. 
We are aiming now to establish a baseline in Kerikeri and in Waiheke of how much families are emitting and sequestering by end Feb 2019. From then on we want to decrease emissions by 10% annually and increase sequestration by 10% annually too. The councils are supportive.

For schools we have produced our first little video, to make the CO2  and CH4 subject less boring. we have done this within our present means. Now we are looking forward to receiving comments (have received a very nice one from Professor James Renwick already and from many parents of kids). This video is a bit based on the Nanogirl show, i.e. for 5-9 year olds – but, as we have seen during Nano girls performance here in Waitangi and in Kerikeri, the parents were quite interested too and did not seem to know much about the science presented in the experiments that were loud and steamy!

One thought on “Carbon neutral Kerikeri

  1. Very catchy presentation. I really liked the rhyming. Still not entirely clear to me difference between methane and C O2. I think methane is good for environment unless too much?


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