Congratulations to Carol Peters and Anna Murphy 

The recent local body elections are a win for climate action. Congratulations to Climate Change Tai Tokerau Northland Trust trustees Carol Peters and Anna Murphy for their election to Whangarei District Council (WDC) seats. Carol was also elected to the Northland DHB. 

Anna and Carol

This is Anna’s second term on the Whangarei District Council. She represents the Hikurangi Coastal Ward and is a staunch supporter for climate related issues. She was one of the Councillors instrumental in the last Council declaring a climate emergency. Anna also worked hard to ensure sustainability clauses were included in the Council’s procurement policy and that the Council committed to level 5 Green Star for the planned WDC building. Anna walks the climate action talk. She was an early adopter of electric vehicles. 

Carol Peters was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal in 2018. She is a passionate and effective advocate for environmental and social justice, and those who know her admire her can-do attitude. This was recently exemplified by her leading the establishment of the Open Arms day centre to support the city’s homeless. Read more about Carol here. 

Results in other elections are also good for climate action. New Northland Regional Council members Jack Craw, Amy MacDonald and Marty Robinson all have strong environmental credentials.  Yesterday Penny Smart, a regenerative farmer from the Northern Wairoa was voted chair of the NRC.

If you would like to add to this story by sharing information about other new people on our local bodies please comment below.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Carol Peters and Anna Murphy 

  1. Unfortunately the Bream Bay ward (in which I ran unsuccessfully as a candidate) re-elected Shelley Deeming as well as yet another dairy farmer, Ken Couper. Former Bream Bay councillor Phil Halse was also re-elected, this time in the Okara ward. Shelley and Phil voted against both climate change related motions earlier this year, and Ken didn’t exactly campaign on environmental issues. We might still have to face some stiff opposition in the council with regards to climate change and decisive action, and I’m very, very worried for my ward, Bream Bay, the electorate of which voted strongly in favour of the status quo, in spite of increasing dangers from sea level rise, flooding and more extreme weather. A very sad result for my part of the district.


  2. I went to both the NRC & WDC councillor Powhiri/ inaugural council meetings this week. There seem to be the start of a change of guards. It will be important to hold all four councils in Northland accountable and get them to join to act on our CC challenges. The Whangarei Mayor yesterday talked in her inaugural speech of a CC as an opportunity. She
    wants Northland to differentiate itself as a CC leader. It’s her last term standing and Penny’s first term as chair. Hopefully female wisdom, tenacity and the will to leave the planet in a better shape to their children will be a force for good and bring more positive change. I am looking forward to an exciting next three years.

    Let’s keep our elected representatives honest and outcome focussed. We are running out of time and all need to act today.

    Let’s just do it.


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