How plants cool and heal the climate

My book How plants cool and heal the climate: Finding solutions close to home is now published and available on Amazon as a paperback or hardback. I will have copies from the printer by the end of July. Here’s the cover.

While we have to stop using fossil fuels as soon as possible, solutions to moderate the climate go beyond carbon dioxide. A greater range of options provides me with more hope that our children and mokopuna can have a good life on this planet. I have attempted to encapsulate the main messages from the book on the back cover.

Plants cool. People have degraded about half of the vegetation of land and oceans thereby destabilising the climate and warming the planet. By stopping this destruction, revegetating as much as possible, regenerating soils and the water cycle, and eliminating our use of fossil fuels we can heal the climate sooner than you might think. This book explores how people are in action, both close to home and around the globe to cool the climate. Peter’s hope is that this book will inspire you to find people in your community and region that are working to heal the climate. You will discover new options for climate action and feel more empowered to play your part.

If you happen to read How Plants Cool, I would appreciate any feedback.

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