John Liu at CoP 27

CoP 27 will no doubt be framed in the context of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). The sole focus on greenhouse gasses is failing and will continue to fail. There will be at least one person there who has a wider perspective on mitigation options – John Liu has been invited to the conference.

John is well known for his film-making especially for the regeneration of the Loess Plateau in China. In this video about the Weathermakers project on the Sinai Peninsula, John first reviews the stunning transformation of the Loess Plateau.

CoP 27 is from 6 to 18 November at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, at the southern end of the Sinai Peninsula. The project John was referring to will start at Lake Bardawil, at the northern end of the Sinai. This video, featuring Ties van der Hoeven, provides background to the project. He also explains, with some great graphics, the climate dynamics. Watch for his explanation of how bare earth gets so much hotter than vegetated surfaces. In addition to the local cooling provided by vegetation, Ties explains how this dynamic influences the climate for a much larger part of the globe.

This screen shot from the video contrasts how the sun’s radiant energy responds to bare surfaces and vegetated surfaces. Radiant energy hitting bare earth results in 60 to 70% of that energy re-radiating as sensible heat. By contrast 70 to 80% of radiant energy hitting vegetated surfaces is transferred back into the atmosphere as water vapour and can continue rising to outer space.

Ties reports a 15 degrees centigrade temperature difference. Whe I photographed thermal images last summer, a 20 degree difference between vegetated and bare surfaces was common.

Ties van der Hoeven’s Weathermakers have been engaging with the Egyptian Government about the project. Lets hope the Egyptians announce approval for the project at CoP 27

Hopefully at CoP 27 John Liu will get opportunities to communicate the power of ecosystem regeneration to cool the planet. Trying to heal the climate with GHG emissions reductions and sequestration alone is a bit like trying to heal a heart attack with panadol. Lets hope the message gets accross. You can help by sharing social media about John Liu and the Weathermakers.

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