Climate Action Video Contest

Climate Action Tai Tokerau has received funding to run a Climate Action Video Contest. We are looking for someone to lead this project out as a 20-hour-a-week contact. Here are more details about the Climate Action Project Role

Our motivation for doing this is to give young people opportunities to see that there are people in Tai Tokerau who are doing great work to mitigate climate change. Young people need hope grounded in the reality of the crisis we are facing, but not overwhelmed by it. People have hope when they have a sense of agency and can see pathways of action. A flyer for the contest is reproduced below with pdf available here.

Form a team at your school, create a climate
action video and be in to win!

The climate crisis is scary, but there are a lot of people in Te Tai Tokerau taking action. Your videos will help other young people see cool projects happening now.

Your three to five minute video will share the stories of a project. See below for more information on prizes and for examples of projects underway now.

Prize categories

Here are the judging criteria. These criteria account for 75%, with another 25% allocated for production values. The winning team in each category will get $1,000 and the runner-up, $500.

Best story: Your video is inspiring and clearly shows how people in Tai Tokerau are working to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Te Reo: Your video skillfully includes Te Reo and tells an inspiring story.

Best engagement: Your video has the highest number of views on the specified social media platforms.

Some examples

If you know someone that could take on this role, or a group of young people who would like to participate please leave a comment.

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