Cooling Climate Chaos

Rob de Laet created a three-episode series Cooling Climate Chaos: A Practical Path out of the Polycrisis. The series was hosted by Humanity Rising from 17 to 19 May 2023. There was a Te Tai Tokerau involvement in the series.

Peter Bunyard and Gaia

Peter Bunyard was a colleague of James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis who developed the Gaia Theory. In this video, Peter outlines the essence of the Gaia Theory and connects it brilliantly to the climate. His insights reveal how evolving earth systems have a moderating impact on the climate. This points clearly to our destruction of ecosystems being a big part of the cause of climate chaos and offering potent solutions.

His quantification of the incredible amount of energy generated above the Amazon driving the biotic pump is mind-boggling. Stick with it and expose yourself to these concepts if you are motivated to heal the climate. And you will notice how the Gaia Theory resonates with mātauranga Māori.

Rob introduces Peter Bunyard at about 13.30.

Rob de Laet

Rob de Laet, like Peter Bunyard has spent a significant amount of time in and around the Amazon. Rob expands on the vital role of the biotic pump and forest regeneration in healing the climate. There are some excellent animations of the global climate included. I was most impressed by the monthly map of primary production (photosynthesis) – another area where Aotearoa punches above its weight. It leaves me bewildered that we intend to levy farmers for carbon emissions when we produce abundant photosynthesis – with the attendant conversion of CO2 into sugars. Notice how Te Tai Tokerau performs.

Rob is introduced at about 12.50.

Peter Bruce-Iri

I was honoured to be part of this series. With Peter and Rob focusing on the Amazon, I presented the Aotearoa context and regenerative agriculture to reinforce that all vegetation is beneficial. A co-presenter featured a seagrass regeneration project in the Meditteranean and a short video on a permaculture project was included.

My presentation begins at about 14.25.

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