EArth for All – New Book from the Club of Rome

Where were you in ’72? I was busting to get out of high school. Some of you were probably not born. Fifity years ago the Club of Rome published Limits to Growth warning us about population increase and the impact of humans on earth systems. Fifty years later they have published Earth for All: A Survival Guide for Humanity.

In reviewing the book, Bill McKibben, author of the book with the depressing title The End of Nature. is upbeat.

“Collapse is still avoidable. Here’s how. If we’d paid attention to The Limits to Growth in 1972, we wouldn’t be in the fix we’re in today; as the modeling in this book makes clear, what’s left of this decade may be our last best hope to get it at least partly right. 

The questions and moderation in this video are in the German language. The panel presents in English.

The authors appear to be still locked in the greenhouse gas paradigm. We know that restoring and regenerating ecosystems along with eliminating fossil fuel use are the answers. The value in this book is in the human dimensions of how we organise ourselves and our economic activity.

“Unless the rich pays the bill, we will not save the world”

Jørgen Randers

Johan Rockström outlines extraordinary turnarounds to heal the climate and social ills.

  • Ending poverty.
  • Addressing gross inequality.
  • Empowering women.
  • Making our food system healthy, for people and ecosystems.
  • Transitioning to clean energy while reducing demand.

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