Global Earth Repair Summit

This event October 21 to 24 is one of several inspirational global events in October. A feature of this summit is its delivery in three time zones and the inclusion of in-person hubs. The Summit includes three days (October 21,22 and 24) of 24 hours of round-the-world programming. Three different time regions of the world … Continue reading Global Earth Repair Summit

Walter Jehne’s coming to Whangarei with a powerful message

Walter in Whangarei Walter Jehne will be in Whangarei 2 March. We will welcome him to Tai Tokerau at Te Puna o te Mātauranga at NorthTec and then enjoy his challenging message. For more information see the flyer here and register here. And if you do nothing else today, please listen to this podcast to get … Continue reading Walter Jehne’s coming to Whangarei with a powerful message

Regeneration panel

Wednesday 27 February, NorthTec, Whangarei New Zealand, sponsored by NorthTec and Climate Change Tai Tokerau Northland Trust. A panel of Hirini Tane, Linda Matson, Graeme Ramsey and Bernadette Aperahama responded to questions about regeneration. Here is video of the event.

What does regeneration look like?

An earlier post outlined regeneration drawing on Daniel Wahl's Designing Regenerative Cultures.  The regenerative design framework from Designing Regenerative Cultures (excuse the spelling errors) It is easy to envision what regenerative agriculture looks like - growing carbon rich topsoil, with minimal external inputs and diverse plants and animals - but not so easy in other sectors. Health There … Continue reading What does regeneration look like?