Regenerative horticulture

I was excited to learned that pasture could sequester as much carbon as forest, and I have been on farms where it is happening. My first career was in horticulture, but the prospect of building soil carbon in pasture seemed simpler, as growing food, especially vegetables, often involves carbon destroying practices, such as rotary hoeing. … Continue reading Regenerative horticulture

Open letter to government about soil carbon

Can New Zealand soils store more carbon? The farmers I talk with believe they can, and they have seen their topsoil grow and evidence that more carbon is stored deeper in the soil. But the government's policy position doubts this and consequently they are putting all of their eggs in the forestry basket. The message … Continue reading Open letter to government about soil carbon

8 steps to increase soil Carbon

As the Katowice Climate Change Conference started, scientists from 4 per 1000 called for stronger action on building soil carbon. Sequestering soil carbon mitigates climate change and builds food security. The scientists recommend eight steps: 1. Stop carbon loss – Protect peatlands through enforcement of regulations against burning and drainage.2. Promote carbon uptake – Identify … Continue reading 8 steps to increase soil Carbon

Kiss the ground – carbon clarity

The Soil Story, created by Kiss the Ground outlines with absolute clarity how people have upset the carbon balance by burning fossil fuels and industrial agriculture. Kiss the Ground is a movement started in 2013. Its mission is "Inspiring participation in global regeneration, starting with soil". The website's blog has some excellent infographics, such as this … Continue reading Kiss the ground – carbon clarity